Dental implants are the best treatment method for replacing lost or extracted teeth. They are strong, and reliable, comprehensively restoring teeth from root to crown. Patients who have worn dentures for some time, or will soon undergo teeth extraction, can obtain a full smile with this comprehensive procedure. The following are common questions patients ask when they wish to obtain dental implant care. 

What is the Treatment Process?

After an initial consultation, each step is planned according to your individual needs. We will address any initial health concerns that may present an issue. Once overall health has been established, implants are surgically attached to bone according to the number patients require and the places teeth are missing. After this, patients require time to heal and are given a restoration to ensure a normal bite and protect the placement areas. 

When fully healed, custom restorations are affixed to the implants, finalizing treatment – the smile is renewed and uniform. Restoration options include crowns, bridge, and dentures. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

Someone’s ability to receive dental implant placement and restoration is based on the health of your teeth, gums, jaw bone, and body. Your dental professionals will check to make sure existing teeth and gum tissue are free of decay or bacterial infection. When it comes to placing implants, patients need to have enough bone to properly bond with the implant posts, which are the foundation for the entire treatment.

Additionally, individuals need to be in good general health to support proper healing and improved oral health. Dental professionals will determine if any of these factors increase risks of unsuccessful placement, or if additional procedures are necessary to make patients viable for care. 

Why Can’t It Be Done on the Same Day? 

Dental implant process takes time. Implant posts need the extended period of healing in order to be strong and durable to support the restorations. This is the best way for patients to successfully accomplish dental implant treatment and obtain the smile they were meant to have. 

Contact O’Hara Dental for Dental Implant Treatment

Our practice offers dental implant care for those looking to improve the function and appearance of their smile. Mark A. O’Hara, DDS, and Tyler Clark, DMD, are your dental professionals who provide all that your smile needs in Eugene. 

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