Many people consider visiting the dentist an unpleasant experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Doing what you can to improve your experience is important, for being comfortable at the dentist offers benefits to your oral health that you may not realize. You may overcome dental anxiety or build a trustworthy relationship with your dentist, both of which allow patients to more easily receive care. Consider making the following changes to help your dental visits be easy and comfortable: 

Be Honest with Your Dentist

A dentist cannot know what hurts or feels uncomfortable unless patients speak up. Many just assume their dentist knows the exact issues they face and where the pain is coming from. This applies during examinations, cleanings, and treatments. If patients do not communicate they are experiencing pain throughout a cavity filling or implant placement, then comfort cannot be improved. If you are visiting a dentist for the first time, be sure to let them know about any tooth sensitivity or other issues you face. 

Ask About Dental Sedation 

Many dentists are now offering dental sedation to help anxious patients have easier dental visits. Offered in a few forms, including laughing gas and pill, sedation puts you in a twilight state of relaxation and ease. This can actually help patients get over their fears. When you receive sedation, you are still conscious, which grants an awareness of the treatments being received. This awareness gives patients a clear idea of the steps involved, and how local anesthesia is strong enough to prevent pain or discomfort. Although sedation is a beneficial tool, it is not right for everyone and is not the first solution to dental anxiety.  

Be Disciplined with your Oral Hygiene

The backbone of good oral health is disciplined brushing and flossing. Proper care can help ward off harmful bacteria and prevent dental problems from becoming worse. If your appointments are frequently spent filling cavities or receiving invasive treatments, then taking better care of your teeth at home should be a priority. The health of your smile also depends on a balanced nutrition. Improving your eating habits will improve your dental health, which affects the level of care you need. Many patients who fear visiting the dentist simply do not pursue good oral hygiene, which makes corrective treatment more uncomfortable and intense. 

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Our dentists are committed to supporting the oral health of our patients through personal attention and gentle care. We offer a range of services to fulfill your general, cosmetic, and restorative dental needs. 

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