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Dental implant treatment offers patients the chance to replace a whole tooth, from the root to its crown. At Clark Dental, our team helps patients who are missing teeth to obtain a function and full smile again. Experienced dentists Tyler D. Clark DMD, and Mark A. O'Hara DDS, are passionate about restoring oral health. Our Eugene dental practice delivers full-service dental implant treatment, from placement to restoration. 

To find out if dental implants are right for you, contact us for a consultation. We will determine how to best handle your teeth loss, and provide a treatment plan that restores your smile. 

Benefits of Dental Implants 

Whether you have traditional restorations such as dentures or have gaps in your smile, dental implants present a unique opportunity for improvement. They are permanently fused with existing jaw bone structure, creating a strong foundation for prosthetics. Implants serve as effective tooth root replacements and grant a natural bite. Prosthetics attached to implants do not fall out or slip which improves speech and enhances your self-esteem. This treatment is versatile and can be applied to people missing one tooth or whole rows. With a successful implant treatment, patients are able to pursue daily life without fear their teeth won’t work or look unnatural. 

Restoring any Number of Lost Teeth 

Dental implants are individual posts that address a wide range of missing teeth cases. When patients need to replace multiple teeth or wear dentures after all their teeth have been lost, this procedure may be a viable choice. 

Your candidacy for implant placement and restoration is dependent on individual jaw bone volume. When teeth are lost, the jaw bone loses structure and affects both your appearance and dental function. Dental implants slow the progression of bone loss, and patients may even see it renewed. If you need additional bone structure, our practice offers bone grafting procedures to build it back up. 

After patients undergo the consultation and placement phases of dental implant treatment, we complete the process with fully customized restorations. We utilize premium materials that mimic the look and strength of natural teeth. The following prosthetics are the final step in restoring your smile: 

Porcelain Crowns

These restorations are designed to last for many years and grant a beautiful dental aesthetic that cannot be matched by traditional restorations. 

The Clark- O'Hara Standard of Excellence

When it comes to implant treatment, Drs. Clark and O'Hara are committed to doing all possible to replace missing teeth. Our team understands how important teeth are to daily life and self-confidence and wish to deliver a solution that lasts. Dr. O’Hara is well trained in implant placement and is continuously taking courses to improve his skills. Dr. Clark has an eye for aesthetics and has pursued additional education in cosmetic dentistry. With our Eugene dentists performing implant treatment, patients have the chance to restore their teeth. 

Contact our Eugene Practice for a Dental Implant Consultation 

If you wish to have a full smile again or to eliminate your need for traditional dentures, call us. We help patients to replace missing teeth in Downtown Eugene, North Gilham, and South Hills.