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Comfortable dental care is crucial to support a positive dental experience. At O’Hara Dental, our dentists enhance comfort by providing sedation options that help patients of all ages relax while receiving treatment. Safely administered according to individual need, sedation minimizes dental anxiety and relieves fear even during extensive procedures. Both of our dentists, Mark A. O’Hara, DDS and Tyler D. Clark, DMD, are licensed to use dental sedation to enhance comfort. To see if dental sedation can improve your care, contact our Eugene dental practice

Dental Sedation Options

Our practice offers two forms of sedation, nitrous and oral. Both of these options leave patients conscious, permitting them to receive instructions as needed. Deciding if sedation will benefit patients is a simple process. We review each patient’s medical history to verify their good health and to be sure sedation has not been harmful in the past. When utilizing sedation, it is our goal to make treatment comfortable and easy, whether the procedure is simple or extensive.

Nitrous Sedation: This is a popular option for all ages. Typically referred to as laughing gas, patients inhale the gas through a facemask. It induces a euphoric state, where patients may not recognize dental discomfort. Dosage is easily controlled throughout a patients’ procedure, and we easily reverse the effects by switching the gas to 100 percent oxygen. After the procedure, patients are safe to operate heavy equipment if they need to drive themselves home. 

Oral Sedation: Taken an hour before an appointment, oral sedatives in pill form put patients into a ‘twilight’ state. This method is considered to relieve discomfort more extensively helping patients to feel as though they slept through their treatment. As an added benefit, it’s common for patients to not remember the details of their visit. Depending on the length of a procedure, dosage can be increased to maintain comfort. The effects of oral sedation are not immediately reversible, requiring transportation to and from our practice. 

Providing a Comfortable Dental Experience

It’s common that individuals avoid the dentist due to fears of discomfort, but without care, their dental issues will only grow worse. This is why we do all that we can at O’Hara Dental to make our patients happy and comfortable while receiving treatment. We take the time to build relationships and to give personalized treatment you deserve. When patients experience dental anxiety, we emphasize gentle dental care and explain exactly what patients can expect. When we provide sedation to patients we do so safely and carefully to protect their general well-being. 

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Our practice is committed to improving oral health and doing so in a friendly and easy-going environment. We help anyone who has dental needs to obtain a better smile. If you have dental anxiety or extensive care needs, consider our practice which serves Downtown Eugene, North Gilham, South Hills, and surrounding areas. 

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